This LEGO Ideas Concept Celebrates ’80s Fantasy Epic WILLOW

When people think of Lucasfilm properties, the two that spring to mind are almost alwaysStar WarsandIndiana Jones. But there was a third majorLucasfilmproperty back in the ‘80s, the high fantasy filmWillow, in 1988. And it’s making a big comeback, asa new Disney+ seriescontinuing the story of Willow Ufgood arrives this fall.

The latest LEGO Ideas pitch, featuring the fantasy classic Willow.

Now, In honor of thisWillowresurgence in pop culture, one superfan has submitted their concept for a new乐高Ideaspitch, and it’sWillow’sBattle of Tir Asleen. The creator, who goes by the handle of MontyMatte, describes the proposed set like this;

I am delighted to share with you my submission to LEGO Ideas. You are invited to join a world of *Nelwyn*, *Dakini*, sorcerers, a two-headed monster and more. The model shows a detailed interpretation of the battle scene at castle Tir Asleen (close of the motion picture from 1988) with about 2,900 bricks used.
The battle of Tir Asleen in LEGO form,

TheWillow乐高set would include the following Minifigures and animals. There’s Willow with Elora Danan as a baby, plus the warriors Madmartigan and Sorsha. Also, Fin Raziel as a goat and raven, and General Kael with threeNockmar warriors. There’s a troll and a skeleton, and the two-headed monster called the Eberish. Plus a rat, some spiders, and a horse. It features a castle wall with main gate, a left tower with armory and prison, and a right tower with weapons. And lastly, there’s a tree with a pretty ax.

乐高Ideas pitch of Willow's Battle of Tir Asleen, an above view.

Oftentimes, due to a variety of other reasons, even thebest LEGO Ideas pitchesdon’t go to production. But withWillowmaking a comeback to the pop culture landscape this fall, we think it has a good shot. Lucasfilm and LEGO would just have to cut a deal. If you want to show your support, and see more images, be sure to head on over to theofficial LEGO Ideas site.

Back view of the castle from the Battle of Tir Asleen LEGO Ideas Willow set.